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Accidents on the job, especially when employees are involved always happen when you least expect it.  You can train and try to be prepared, but even that won’t stop it from happening.  It’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of when.

Select Specialty Insurance has options for workers compensation insurance.  Workers’ compensation insurance provides your employees with financial coverage as a result of being injured on the job.  It also acts as shield to protect the business from any liability they might incur when employees are inured on the job.  Beyond the legal responsibility companies have, they are liable to employees who get injured or become sick while on the job.  Without a workers compensation policy from Select Specialty Insurance, a business would have to pay out-of-pocket for damages.  Our policies would protect businesses from having to cover those medical costs on their own.  Employee medical expenses and some portion of lost wages could be covered if the employee is injured on the job.

A comprehensive workers compensation policy from Select Specialty Insurance is an cost effective solution to providing valuable benefits to your employees.  Not only that, in most States it is required by law and it does protect both the employee and the employer.

The experts at Select Specialty Insurance know the ins and outs of workers compensation policies.  By working with our team of professionals, we can identify your business requirements and match you to the right carrier that best fits your solution, thus saving you time, energy and money.

A business without a workers compensation policy in place run the risk of an employee getting injured on the job and legally being able to seek counsel to recoup the damages, pain and suffering that they expereinced.   This is a costly way of doing business that can be avoided by simply contacting us today.
Our focus is to provide quality insurance products at affordable rates for businesses nationally.  Below is a small sampling of the industries we cater to.  If you do not see your industry listed,  please contact us.  We have a solution for you too.